General Instructions

Here are some of the instructions that I have given you throughout the videos, and some others that I consider equally important.

      1. Connection with the Supreme Being.
        Just like the fish that was looking for the sea, feel part of ALL, of the ONE. You are in Him. Always, or as much as possible, maintain that ideation.
      2. Love the other members of His creation, that is, nature and animals.
        This is a very special time to create a sense of community and universal brother/sisterhood.
      3. Food for consciousness.
        Do not eat ANY kind of meat. In addition to avoiding problems for our “younger brothers and sisters”, this will purify your body and take power away from the negative microvita that are already in your body. This will create a subtle body that will attract positive microvita.
        Also, eat as healthy as possible by eliminating junk food, sodas, and don’t overdo the tea, chocolate or coffee. Choose fresh, local and seasonal food. Try to cook just the right amount and always consume freshly prepared food, without the need to reheat.
        Know The Universal Laws that Influence You … Constantly!
        The Three Universal Principles … and their Mother
        La alimentación para la consciencia
        Las tres fuerzas y cómo influencian tu comida… y tu vida
        Cómo la comida afecta tu mente
      4. Service.
        Serve according to your capacity. To create a connection with animals and nature, nurture and care for them, feed them, give them water and lots of love. Also, use the virtual means to talk to others, to listen to them, and to give them hope and of course a lot of love.
        Para todos aquellos que quieren servir
      5. Meditation, prayer or subtle ideation.
        Meditate regularly (twice a day 30 minutes, or as much as you can) with the universal mantra: Baba Nam Kevalam (All is Love or, Love is all that exists).
        La Ciencia de la Meditación
      6. Empowerment Tool – Strengthening of the immune system: Mudra.
        A mudra is a gesture that benefits the nerves and muscles and, in this case, intends to strengthen the immune system. Mudras involve more ideation than asanas (yoga postures).
        How to do it: standing, press the nipples with the third phalanges of the middle fingers of both hands. The remaining fingers will remain in their natural positions on either side of the middle fingers. Now bring both elbows back as you inhale, maximally filling your lungs. After full inhalation, exhale. The elbows should be a little relaxed when exhaling. Practice this mudra with your eyes closed, concentrating your mind on the anahata cakra (Center of the chest) as explained in the video. Practice seven times, twice a day.
      7. Empowerment Tool – Strengthening the immune system: Asana.
        Asanas are positions with slow movements where a calm breathing is performed that nourishes the blood with oxygen, and a gentle pressure is applied to the glandular system. Each movement is alternated with a period of immobility that creates deep relaxation throughout the body, and particularly over the muscular and nervous systems. The asana I teach you here is Bhújauṋgásana, snake pose: Lie on your stomach and rest your palms on the floor at shoulder height. Leaning on your palms, raise your body from the waist, directing your head back and looking at the ceiling. Hold your breath for eight seconds. Lower yourself to your original position while exhaling. Practice eight times, twice a day.
      8. Empowerment Tool – Exercise to balance body and mind: Kaoshikii.
        The Kaoshikii dance practiced only a few minutes a day can solve many physical problems, give you vitality, strength and mental acuity. It develops the subtlest levels of the mind in an effective and powerful way, developing the capacity to express yourself without fear. In addition, being a dynamic and psycho-physical-spiritual exercise, it stimulates your heart and the entire circulatory system, keeps you flexible, resistant, and with a nervous system capable of facing life’s obstacles and difficulties.
        Learn how to dance Kaoshikii here: (Register through this link
      9. Empowerment Tool – System to purify body and mind and to become immune to the attraction of the moon: Fasting.
        Fasting, in addition to rejuvenating body and mind, has other enormous benefits on the physical, mental and spiritual levels that will surprise you, and that may inspire you to take advantage of this tool, which will help you control your emotions and heal your body.
        The article on the science of fasting
        Here are the fasting days of this year
      10. Practice detachment.
        Each object or thought has a colour that appeals to your mind. Detachment means to discolour the mind, making it free of colours and attractions. For example, your loved ones or things are objects that attract you and, because they are finite, someday they will lead you to suffer their loss. To practice detachment is to love by looking at everything and everyone as an expression of the Supreme Being.
      11. Fill yourself with hope and eliminate fear.
        If you know, you REALLY KNOW, that you are the son or daughter of the most powerful Being in the universe, how could you be hopeless and afraid?
        ¿Qué Es El Miedo y Cómo Superarlo?
      12. Use your time well.
        Keep yourself busy with subtle books, music, videos, and movies. Read the biographies of the greats of humanity, books of improvement, of ethical values, and of something inspiring that lifts your spirit.
      13. Surrender to God
        If you believe in the Supreme Father, just offer yourself to Him. Feel that everything that happens is the best and that everything that is happening to you is part of a Master Plan that will help you evolve.
      14. Follow the Universal Laws.
        Think that each action will generate an equal reaction with the same intensity, so be aware that each of your actions shall be ideal.
        Know The Universal Laws that Influence You … Constantly!
      15. Kiirtan
        Listen to this universal mantra as much as possible. You can turn it so low that you hardly hear it. Important is that its vibration fills the environment to produce positive microvita, and also influences your mind by making it subtle.
        Listen to kiirtan here
      16. Use ‘Namaskar’ to greet.
        The ‘Namaskar’ is based on the idea that there is only ONE, and that everything else is His creation. The devotee, speaking to his Lord, says: “If I should greet or give my respect to someone, I give my respect to You alone and to no one else. If I must remember someone I will remember You and You only. If I must repeat someone’s name, I will only repeat Your name… and at the same time I know that each part of creation (including things, plants and animals) is You and part of You, because You are the internal essence of each entity.”
        Saluting that ONE Creator, the Supreme Core, I salute all His creation because I see Him in her.
        The complete ideation of ‘Namaskar’ is: “I greet the Divine part that is in you with all the sincerity of my mind and the Love of my heart.”.
        It is done by holding the palms of the hands together, and with the thumbs, the forehead is touched first, (ájiṋá cakra), indicating the concentration of thoughts or goodwill, and then the midpoint of the chest (anahata cakra), indicating the sweetness of feeling. It is done without bowing.

Additional Instructions

Here are other instructions that I want you to know because they can be essential to protect or relieve you. I put in brackets – [ ] – my personal comments on the original story that was published back then.
IMPORTANT NOTE: These remedies can cure you if you have the virus; it is not necessary to follow them if you are not infected.

[Although many never found out, in Ahmedabad, India, in 1989, a mysterious virus attacked the Training Centre of some monks, puzzling the doctors who treated them.
P. R. Sarkar, the philosopher and Master who propounded the science of microvita, gave some indications so that these young men could be saved.
I am aware that the Coronavirus is different from the virus of the time; at the same time, it is true that as a virus, it follows the same patterns of negative microvita. Just in case, I give you those instructions; you decide if you want to follow them. The truth is that they could have a very beneficial effect in this war that we are all living, and if not, they will not harm you either. These points have been translated directly from the account in English of a Dada who lived the experience].

      1. a.Heat cumin seeds in a metal pan until you start to smell their strong aroma (be careful not to burn them) after which you grind them to powder in a stone mortar. Add a little rock salt (never sea salt) that can be pink, or Himalayan salt taking care that it is pure, without additions of iodine, fluoride, etc.
        b.Squeeze a few fresh, ripe red tomatoes by hand, leaving the peel aside, and store them in a glass. Mix one or two tablespoons of the previous preparation (cumin seeds and pink salt) in the glass full of pulp. Filter everything with a fine cotton cloth. Then, heat it in the sun or even on the fire, but only briefly, until it is warm, and then take it. In no case should it be heated over the fire directly. Drink the warm juice twice a day, the first time early in the morning on an empty stomach, and the second five hours after lunch. By then the food will be fully digested.
      2. Under no circumstances consume white sea salt.
      3. Completely avoid consuming cold foods and liquids. They should not be below body temperature and should always be taken lukewarm.
      4. Avoid foods made with white flour.
      5. Always consume brown rice and not pre-cooked (industrial processed) rice.
      6. Do not use oils of any kind, particularly mustard oil. If necessary, you can use peanut oil or clarified butter (Ghee), but in small amounts.
      7. Do not consume milk. You can use the whey in small amounts, but not the curd, nor yogurt. If you are going to consume the whey it must be lukewarm.
      8. Vegetables should be eaten cooked, better if they are green leaves, such as spinach. You should eat large amounts of cooked, unripe papaya.
      9. Potatoes or tubers (which grow underground such as carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips, radishes, beets, cassava, etc.) should be eaten in very small amounts; in fact, it is better to avoid them.
      10. If possible, it is always best to drink well, stream or spring water.
      11. Ideally, move to a different and separate place to start treatment [At that time the house where the event occurred was left, but this does not apply here].
      12. Get rid of contaminated clothing, burn it, then bathe in warm water and put on new clothes before entering the treatment site. [At the time, those young men left the house where they were and travelled to another city during the day. Before entering the new house, their clothes were burned].
      13. It is strictly necessary to avoid traveling at night [does not apply here, but use this information in case you must travel].
      14. Do not sleep in the dark. [I consider this VERY important because negative microvita are more effective at night and in the dark].
      15. Bath when the sun is visible. Do not bathe before sunrise or after sunset. [Same opinion as in point 14].
      16. Ideally, you should take a sunbath every day, [with as little clothing as possible] with your back to the sun. [Same opinion as in point 14].
      17. Do not look directly at the sun or the moon [The sun being our star and the moon the closest celestial body, they affect the cakras in a very powerful way, particularly the heart cakra (Anahata cakra), and the throat cakra (Vishuddha cakra). Points 15 and 16 show the power of the sun on the microvita, but it is not recommended to look at it].
      18. It would be useful to do the nasal cleanse every day, but with lukewarm water.
      19. Prepare the following recipe and take it throughout the day. To half a glass of water a little more than lukewarm add:
        – One and a half spoon of honey
        – 1/4 of a spoon of turmeric
        – 15 drops of fresh lemon juice

PS – A lantern gives light if it is powered by some type of energy; without which it would be just a poor mix of metal, filaments, and glass.
I am like that lantern; a simple disciple and apprentice of Life who is still on the Path. Apart from a little study and many years lived intensely, I am NOT the intellectual author of this knowledge. The wisdom that you will find here and in the videos has been transmitted to me by my Master. So, forget about the lantern and go further, go directly to the Source that inspires me, makes me shine, and gives me, and will give you, strength, compassion, knowledge and devotion.

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