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  • I am Dada Japamantra

    Pleased that we can be in touch, today I want to tell you something different and important. If you want to know more about my life, you can read something here. (About Dada)

    In an internal struggle between must and want, because my Consciousness pushes me to act, I am choosing to get out of the anonymity (which my mind craves).

    I am TIRED! I am tired, fed up and hurt to see how many people are unhappy, how much suffering surrounds me, how, even with thousands of ‘friends’, mental illnesses grow, as people are so used to eating toxic food (without questioning themselves or the food) and they get sick, how there is confusion and bad habits that lead to a lack of inspiration; and how without inspiration life becomes selfish and aimless, which in turn leads to immoral actions, distrust, mental complexes, and spiritual emptiness… which in turn leads to a tendency of suicide, depression, nihilism and degeneration. And the saddest thing is that all this can be avoided and resolved, and it is known how to do so. Although anyone rarely tells us about it, there are proven and safe methods to return to ourselves and to the happiness that all humans desire. True prosperity is learning to have a balance on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

    But this society does not want healthy and happy people; He wants scared, self-conscious and “sleeping” people, and that is what I want to change.

  • Think about it!

    Long before being an entrepreneur, salesman, father, president or coach and even before having big dreams of fame and success, you are a human being and you want to be happy. Several obstacles get in the way of that happiness: you have a body subject to diseases, a mind – and emotions – that most of the time you do not know how to control, you can never know if tomorrow you will be alive, and you have many fears, that you try to hide by painting a security facade that you do not possess. You must live in a world that constantly surprises or deceives you and, worse, maybe you still do not understand or are clear about who you are or what role you play in this existence.

    In addition, you are unique and wonderful. You have huge potential that you do not know how to use and that many times you do not even realize you have. I know you want to grow, expand and improve always more. There are only two types of knowledge: the one that takes you to the Supreme Happiness and all the rest, however useful or useless it may be.

  • Know how to choose your definition of success!

    I started to search for myself and my Happiness from a young age and now, with more than six decades of life and with more than half of that dedicated entirely to Self Knowledge and to the service of humanity and – although I am still on the Path – I have learned several things that you can take advantage of.

    I do not have all the answers, but I can share what I have understood and internalized.

    I do not consider myself perfect – I have had my share of stupidities and mistakes, and I have fought against my “demons” – and I continue to fight daily to become a better human being every day. I would love it if you could learn from what, through suffering and mistakes, took me a lot to understand.

    In my mission as a spiritual mentor I have seen that all humans are equal – we all cry and laugh in the same way – and thus I share tools to solve the challenges that life presents us.

    This website is going to be dedicated to you because, in addition to what I can share with you, you will find a knowledge and wisdom of 7000 years ago that has never changed because it speaks of Happiness, justice, love, health, of understanding who we are, and that helps us to know ourselves and to know the reason for our existence. I think that life is a gift, a feast, an adventure, joy, plenitude, sharing, giving, loving, but many times we do not understand that, and instead we are hungry and desperate.

    Together with you, I am here to discover more and more how to better understand this human experience that, with its challenges, obstacles and toxic difficulties, sometimes blocks us and stops us on the Path.

  • This is my motivation

    Always torn between the desire to have an isolated hermit life as much as possible, or to fight for a universal and socially just society, it has been a conflict for me to create this website and become active in the Social Media.

    Until recently, I had never entered Facebook, nor did I know how that world worked. But, because it is the first time in the history of mankind where the ‘poor’ (99%) have the possibility to meet, get together and fight, I wish – and this is my biggest dream – to contribute to creating a unity among the good people who are ‘waking up’ and who want a better world.

    I am tired, fed up and hurt to see how many live as sleepwalkers, prisoners of an exploitative social system, a system manipulated by a few greedy raptors that exploit the majority and control their destiny. I am tired of seeing how we are destroying the only planet we have, of the religious dogmas that build walls and not bridges, of wasteful consumerism, of violence, of manipulated education, of entertainment and of the publicity that numb the majority, of the cult of wealth, power and fame as the door to happiness; of the ‘unnecessary needs’ that make you dream only in small things, of seeing how people live in the vicious and infinite circle of being born, working hard, having children, suffering and dying… without knowing why they live.

    Many of us have understood, but there is no unity between us, and I believe that the main reason is the ego. Each leader wants his fame, wants to be ‘the’ prophet in his little homeland and live under the illusion that he is doing something important. Locally there are flames of rejection of corrupt dictators and presidents, but those ‘enemies’ are only small puppets manipulated by the true powerful who remain hidden. It was nice and admirable to see the Arab Spring, Occupy or other social movements, but where are they now?

    If we want a real change, a ‘nuclear’ and transcendental revolution, we MUST unite, we MUST eliminate the differences of race, culture, religion, gender, education, etc., WE MUST overthrow that sick social system that is creating wars, suffering and destruction, and WE MUST create a common unity and ideology that must be based on an anti-exploitation feeling, and on the feeling that we are all brothers and sisters, and members of a single race: the HUMAN RACE.

  • My Mission

    “To share – selflessly and tirelessly – a knowledge that can help you discover yourself, improve your health, dominate your mind, find your Self and connect with your Creator. Socially, to contribute to the creation and inspiration of a Benevolent Leadership that can build an ideal society based on social justice, integral development and Happiness for All.”

*Namaskar means ‘I greet the divine within you, with all the sincerity of my mind and the love of my heart’.

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