The Nine Fundamental Teachings

Practical Spirituality for Daily Use

A professional, from elementary school to completion of his career and specialization, must study 18 to 22 years. Even then, he still has imperfections and, like most of the world’s population, is not happy and suffers. Given that the birthright of each human being is to be happy, how much would it be worth then to have the knowledge to reach that happiness?
Comparing the achievement of relative and Absolute Happiness with a very difficult internal and external war where there are some powerful enemies that must be defeated definitively – using a method taught by my Master (RDS: Review, Defects, Solutions) -, after reviewing the sad and desperate society today; logically analyzing its defects and sufferings; and arriving at the Essence of a millenary transcendental knowledge of wisdom, I have found the solution by preparing a simple and easy method to achieve that happiness that everyone wants and yet few achieve. I have thus synthesized that vast, complex and at times incomprehensible knowledge into the following nine themes, which now form the basis of what I teach.

  • 1. Knowledge and Awakening of Self

    There comes a time in the life of every human being when, for unknown reasons, he/she feels as if “something” is missing; and then he/she looks for that ‘something’ in a partner, children, money, power, fame, study, sports, travel, work, vices, etc., but nothing is sufficiently satisfying. Disappointed, questions arise such as: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What is this universe? What is my relationship with this world and with others? The search for these answers is the sign that the Consciousness of Self has awakened in him or her.

    I know you want to grow, expand yourself and improve always more. There are only two types of knowledge: the one that brings you to the Supreme Happiness and… all the rest, whether useful or futile. Knowing how to choose defines your success! Technical training can help you improve your job performance, but none of it will bring you the fulfillment you are looking for. What if you focus more on yourself, your needs and your inner growth? What if you focus on your Essence and not on an intellectual knowledge that, although interesting, will not generate in you a profound transformation?

    Always adapting the Knowledge of Self to the hectic world of today, I have created several courses and retreats that will give you the practical tools to navigate safely the rough waters of Life, making it quieter, richer, more harmonious … and, of course, happier.

  • 2. The Path towards Supreme Happiness

    Everyone wants the best for themselves. We are all always in search of owning more, being physically well, pleasing others, having money, a home, a car, etcetera. When time passes, and if we have managed to have properties and money, and we have educated and married the children well, we realize that things are not as good as we thought, because many times we find ourselves sick or stressed, either because the grandchildren are ‘parked’ with us, or because of the company we own, for fear of being robbed or kidnapped, or because the boss disturbs us, the mother-in-law lives in the house, or because we are black, white or yellow, or thousands of things more… and we realize that we are not happy. Every human being desires, ultimately, to achieve happiness.

    But, what is happiness? Each of us has its own definition, but many of us agree with the premise that happiness is to love and be loved, just as we think that it is to have a healthy body, a satisfied mind, material prosperity and so on; as well as we also think it is to have a great sense of love for God. But, that happiness we are talking about looking for so much is ephemeral and, although it sometimes comes close, it eludes us most of the time. How to stay happy for as long possible or all the time? Could it be that human beings, who have conquered every corner of the planet – including the oceans – and who have even ventured into space, have not been able to conquer themselves? Indeed, they have not succeeded; however, the tools to achieve Supreme Happiness already exist. Unfortunately, billions of people still do not know them, and so they continue to suffer many diseases, problems, stress and… unhappiness.
    The Path towards Supreme Happiness will explore the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, what life has been like for 7,000 years of human civilization, and how to make it richer and happier.

  • 3. All-round Success

    Perhaps you have partially achieved the success you want, but – if you are not a realized Being – you surely want to be or have more than you are or have now, more things, know more, live more intensely, maybe be more spiritual, happier…

    Have you ever wondered what success you are looking for? If you are like most, you limit success to material wealth, and you have bad mentors who sell you the only success they know, or you do not know whom to follow, nor where to start.
    Here we are not talking about something small like running a successful business, or learning to be a better salesperson, how to make money, or how to cheat people with mental techniques and deceivers’ tricks.

    No, here we are talking about YOU, your FUTURE, your LIFE, your INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SUCCESS and your SUPREME HAPPINESS!

  • 4. Holistic Wellbeing

    How many people around you have health problems? How many have died of cancer, or suffer from painful diseases that make their lives miserable? If you want the best for yourself and your loved ones, would you not want to know some way to avoid the painful destiny of many? Common sense says that whatever kind of success, without health, cannot be called success.

    We frequently adopt a lifestyle that, over time, creates problems for our health. We feed ourselves with toxic elements, we eat too much and in a disorderly way, we have poor sleep habits and, in the worst cases, we surrender to life-destroying addictions. The logical consequences of this are low vitality, poor health, weight gain and stress, a vicious circle from which it is difficult to escape.

    I know you want to be competitive, productive, successful, learn new skills, discover new ideas, contribute and leave a visible mark on the universe, however, or you are very stressed or you do not have the energy, enthusiasm, or vitality that you would like to have in order to achieve the success you want so much. If you are one of them and you want to learn how you can be full of energy and in very good health (only some can achieve perfect health), this knowledge can be your WAKE UP CALL.

    After four decades of experiments and trial and error, using the ancient and proven wisdom that my Master in particular has taught me, I have designed a simple and easy to follow system to nurture and develop vitality and energy, manage stress and understand how to achieve a full and healthy long life. I firmly believe that longevity and excellent health are not only possible, but should be everyone’s right, YOUR RIGHT!

  • 5. Ethics and Benevolent Leadership

    From the moment one of our “brute” ancestors showed courage, cunning to hunt or fight against wild animals, the first leader was born. With the illusion – and often frustrated – that this person shall lead them to a better and safer life, most people want and need to move to the beat of the music that a charismatic leader knows how to transmit, and they are ready to surrender and follow him.

    Although the concept of leadership is paramount in human civilization, it has been constantly transforming. All great civilizations have brought about great epic leaders who have left unforgettable traces, as well as strong and cunning leaders, but also selfish and bloodthirsty ones.

    True leadership, in addition to guiding the masses, must have a high sense of social justice and must be free of limiting sentiments that lead to divisions and disharmony. It is vital, in these moments of constant transformation, to create and train the new leaders of the third millennium, benevolent and capable leaders, who can guide their family, tribe, business or the entire society away from exploitation, social injustice and the destruction of the planet.

  • 6. Social Awakening and Activism

    Some humans – powerful ones who control central banks, primary, food and pharmaceutical industries, the media, corrupt politicians and armies -, out of greed and in order to maintain their unfair privileges, are increasingly ignoring or trampling on the human rights of billions of people, pushing us towards hunger and countless sufferings.
    What to do then? Let yourself be manipulated and remain silent as an ignorant one without intelligence? Continue observing the enormous social injustice and destruction of flora and fauna? Or fight against such insensitivity and ignorance so that this does not happen?

  • 7. Neo-humanism, Liberation of Intellect

    All – but particularly rich people who consider the planet as if it were theirs – are destroying our beautiful Home where we are accompanied by – or rather, we accompany them, because they came first – billions of beings: animals, plants – our little younger brothers – and the planet in its entirety.
    Since the ice age, we have thought of, and treated accordingly, plants and animals as ‘things’ that we use without considering that they have life, that they are part of our eco-system, that they also have existential rights, and that without them we could not even exist.
    Through the philosophy of Neo-humanism, we can free our intellect from destructive, divisive sentiments and dogmas that, through fear, harmful and absurd theories and ideologies, paralyze us, enslave us and prevent us from seeing how a few people exploit and use us.

  • 8. The Revolution of Self

    Preparation for the Unrelenting Struggle (Internal and External)

    If at any moment of one of your existences, you evolve spiritually and feel the desire for Peace and Happiness, and you want to walk The Path that will lead you there, you will have to face the enemies that prevent you from doing so. So you must first understand who your enemies are, then you must prepare to face them and next you must undertake the greatest struggle that a human being can face: to reach Perfection by unifying with the Supreme Being.

    When facing a war, you must evaluate and consider many factors. On a personal level, you should consider your level of commitment, if you have a clear purpose, and if you have the determination that you shall fight until the final victory and without compromises or excuses. It is as if there is an enemy that is attacking your country to limit your freedom. Or victory or slavery. It’s up to you.

    So you must have determination, perseverance, willpower and spirit of sacrifice to achieve what you want. If you are a warrior, those powers are already within you.

  • 9. I Declare Myself Free! The Ultimate Liberation

    Some define freedom as the power to do what one desires, good or bad, according to moral principles that one has. At the same time, the freedom that is known in the external world has many facets and interpretations that are only intermediate stages and that, nevertheless, are of the utmost importance because they define whether your life is happy or miserable.
    In order not to live a life of slavery, a broader form of freedom is to free oneself from any attachment, emotion or compulsion. No one – not even the concept of freedom itself – should nor can stop that free flow of Self over your mind, or you will be a slave to that same mind that you love so much.
    Absolute or Real Freedom (or Liberation) is the dissolution of the mind that, now free of all bonds (the Samskaras), is unified with your Self who, now already free, is unified with the Supreme Being, achieving True or Permanent Happiness.

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